Ecological Markup Language Annotations

Describes parser configuration for: emlAnnotationSubprocessor

Format IDs Processed

This parser processes the following DataONE format IDs:

  • Ecological Metadata Language, version 2.2.0

A full list of DataONE format IDs can be found at


The following fields in the solr index are populated from values retrieved from this type of metadata document. Note that these are in addition to the information extracted from System Metadata Parser.

Solr Field Multi Dedupe Source
Index.sem_annotation False False
Processor: SolrField

Bean Configurations


<bean xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:p="" class="" id="emlAnnotationSubprocessor.bean0">
                                     <constructor-arg name="name" value="sem_annotation"/>
                                     <constructor-arg name="xpath" value="//annotation/valueURI/text()"/>
                                     <constructor-arg name="multivalue" value="true"/>